Torniek Technologies Pvt Ltd
Model No: Ultra•Exit 2M
The Sensormatic® Ultra•Exit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance Ultra•Max EAS protection over wide exits.
Model No: Ultra•Exit AMS-1121
The AMS-1121 offers one of the highest levels of Ultra•Max® detection and is compatible with all Sensormatic® hard tags and labels.
Model No: Ultra•Exit AMS-1130
The Sensormatic Ultra Exit AMS-1130 detection system provides retailers 2.4m of detection coverage between pedestals.
Model No: Digital Pro-Max IV
Wide-exit system for retailers of all types, with digital signal processing.
Model No: AMS-1070 Detection
World's smallest, thinnest antenna for lane protection.
Model No: Ultra•Post 6®
Ultra•Post 6® Delivers high-performance anti-shoplifting protection retailers have come to expect from Sensormatic EAS systems.
Model No: AMS-1150
Offers detection coverage in a
2-pedestal (dual) or 3-pedestal (split)
configuration to help protect wider
exits up to 3.6m (11.81ft), 1.8m (6ft) between
pedestals, providing better detection rates and virtually no false alarms.
Model No: AMS-1140
Equipped with essential detection elements, the AMS-1140 detection system covers 1.8m (6ft.) between pedestals.
Hard Tag Family
Model No: Ultra•Tag® Platform
The new Ultra•Tag® platform was designed through extensive customer input; and is based on high security, ease of application and ease of removal.
Model No: SuperTag® III Family
SuperTag® III platform is the ultimate choice for retailers looking to protect high-risk, high-value items.
Model No: Essentials Platform
The Essentials solution set features unique hard tag options for protecting a wide selection of items from apparel to accessories, a low-profile deactivator to enhance throughput at the front end and a modern open-framed detection pedestal that blends seamlessly into a variety of retail formats
Model No: Alarming SuperTag®
The Alarming SuperTag® offers a choice of a 2 tone (2T) or 3 tone (3T) audio alarm tag, each with a tack and lanyard version to expand tagging opportunities.
Model No: AMT-5000
The AMT-5000 hard tag family provides security for the value conscious retailer. Offered in a variety of styles, the AMT-5000 allows retailers to tailor their tagging portfolios to meet their needs.
Model No: AMT-3200
The AMT-3200 hard tag solution is perfect for retailers trying to protect their bottom line while securing their assets.
Model No: AMT-3210
AMT-3210 Accessory Hard Tag Hard tag with protective coated stainless steel clasp prevents scratching and snagging of sensitive materials and/or finishes.
Alarming SuperTag
Model No: SuperTag® Visible Source Tag (VST)
The VST delivers an economical, single-use hard tag created specifically to make life easier for retailers and tougher on shoplifters. This unique solution provides source-tagging application and dependable detection performance.
Model No: SuperTag® Ink
The newest addition to the Sensormatic SuperTag portfolio. Incorporates the advantages of the patented Ultra•Max® hard tag and a special ink formula for an unparalleled level of merchandise protection.
Hard Tag Detacher
Model No: AMD-3040
Lightweight manual unit with ambidextrous design for SuperTag removal.
Model No: MK75I
Manually removes Ultra*Gator and similar tags; contains an EAS label inside to prevent its theft.
Model No: AMD-1000
Decouples magnetic clutch hard tags and can be mounted on countertop or recessed.
Model No: MKD-400 Detacher
Single detaching solution for the Ultra•Tag® platform which can be mounted directly on or recessed into the POS countertop.
Model No:AMK 1000/1010
Hard tag power detaching capabilities with an added communication port.
EAS Labels
Model No:Ultra•Strip® III
The most popular Ultra·Strip® label. Available in rolls and sheets for source tagging or retail application.
Model No:Ultra•Strip® III Insertable
The Ultra·Strip® III Insertable Label is specially designed to be inserted in a CD jewel case or other plastic wrapped boxes.
Model No:Ultra•Strip® III Book Label
Low-tack adhesive protects books without damaging pages yet keeps the label in place.
Model No:Ultra•Strip® III Individual Label
For permanent placement inside product.
Model No:Ultra•Strip® II Narrow
Single resonator with performance slightly less than Ultra•Strip® III.
Model No:Non-Deactivatable Label
Ultra•Max anti-theft technology in a non-deactivatable format within a label footprint.
EAS Label Deactivators
Model No:Ultra•Max® AMB-2011
The Sensormatic® AMB-2011 table top deactivation solution is designed specifically for retailers with low to medium through put at the point-of-sale (POS).
Model No:Scan-Thru® II
Sits vertically at point of sale, built-in double-checker.
Model No:FreeStyle® HD
Wireless, battery-operated handheld detector/deactivator with base charging station.